World War Z

Author: Max Brooksworld
Publisher: Crown
Date: 2006
Genre: Apocalyptic, Horror
ISBN: 9780307346612
Price: $14.95
Number of Pages: 320
Available Formats: Hardback, Paper back, E-book, Audio

Rating: 4Q, 5P

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Reader’s Annotation

World War I and II have nothing on World War Z.

Plot Summary

This book chronicles the progression of the great zombie war. The novel begins with how zombies first started to appear in China and how it slowly started to spread throughout the world through various ways. The story tells multiple perspectives, including American soldiers, Israeli political leaders and innocent bystanders. The story chronicles how the war began, what happened during the war and how it concluded.

Critical Evaluation

I listened to this book in audio format and I’m really glad I did. I think this book lends itself to the format better than any of the other books I listened to. The multiple perspectives made for a fantastic cast of voice actors. I especially enjoyed Martin Scorsese’s and Mark Hammil’s roles. The big Battle of Yonkers chapter is one of my favorite in the story. It is the perfect example of what makes this book so great, as it is easily one of the scariest, most suspenseful scene. Although I enjoyed this book for the most part, I don’t see myself reading a book in this format again. I much prefer a more linear story with a central protagonist. Still though, I’m glad I experienced this book.

Appeal Factors

Bleak, fast-paced, compelling


Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Blackout by Mira Grant

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Awards & Lists

Audie Award in 2007




Discussion Ideas

  • Discussion of the storytelling format and multiple perspectives.
  • Discussion of the gender roles in the novel.

Justification of Selection

I read this book because I have always heard such great things about it. I am a huge zombie fan, but I had originally stayed away because I knew it wasn’t a linear story with a few main characters, but rather a set of separate accounts of the zombie war. I wasn’t sure if this would appeal to me, but I’m glad I read it and even happier that I listened to the audiobook.


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