Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Crowngone
Date: 2012
Genre: Psychological suspense
ISBN: 978-0307588371
Price: 15.00
Number of Pages: 422
Available Formats: Hardback, Paper back, E-book, Audio

Rating: 4Q, 5P

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Reader’s Annotation

Nick’s wife has gone missing and Nick is the primary suspect.

Plot Summary

The story begins on Nick and Amy’s fifth anniversary. It starts with Nick’s perspective and we slowly learn that he has a beautiful wife, a great home and owns a business with his sister. However, under the surface, Nick is miserable. His marriage has fallen apart, his mother has recently died and now, on their fifth anniversary, Amy has gone missing. Nick struggles to help the police while keeping from them the true state of their marriage. As the police continues to investigate the disappearance, Nick looks more and more guilty. All of the evidence points to him as the likely culprit. The case is baffling, but one thing is certain: Nick Dunne is hiding something. Amy’s side of the story is told through her diary entries, which chronicle the history of the relationship, from their happy beginnings to their unhappy present. As the entries progress, they point to an abusive marriage that only seems to have been hanging on by a thread due to Amy’s inherited money. Things begin to look very grim for Nick as these details come to light.

Critical Evaluation

I absolutely loved this book. I really enjoyed how unreliable narrators both Nick and Amy were and how readers needed to look between the lines to figure out what was really going on. I loved all the twists and suspense in the story. I was actually surprised how much I liked this, as normally I don’t really enjoy unlikable protagonists. For some reason, however, the story really intrigued me and held my interest despite the unlikable characters. A lot of people hate the ending, but for me, I thought it was one of the best parts of the book. I don’t think it would have worked to have a nice and clean ending. Their marriage was messy and so is the ending, which is appropriate.

This is one of the books I tried out in audio. I thought the voice acting was pretty solid. For me, however, I had a hard time with it because I had seen the movie beforehand and couldn’t get Ben Affleck’s voice for the character out of my head, so it just felt wrong hearing another voice.

Appeal Factors

Twisted, fast-paced, bleak, disturbing, suspenseful


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Awards & Lists

Goodreads Choice Awards: 2012
Library Journal Best Books: 2012
Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award – Best Mystery & Suspense: 2012
The Reading List (RUSA): 2013

Discussion Ideas

• Discuss the Ending: Good or Bad?
• Discuss whether Nick and Amy are likable characters.
• Discuss Amy’s diary as a literary device.
• Discuss Flynn’s use of unreliable narrators.

Justification of Selection

I have heard a lot of positive and negative reviews of this book, which made me very curious to read it. People kept talking about a crazy twist and I just had to find out what it was.