Fall of Night

Author: Jonathan Maberryfallofnight
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Date: 2014
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 9781250034946
Price: 15.99
Number of Pages: 403
Available Formats: Hardcover, paperback, E-Book, Audio

Rating Scale: 4Q, 4P

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Reader’s Annotation

The quarantine zone has failed and everyone must fight for their lives.


This is a sequel to the zombie thriller Dead of Night. The novel picks up immediately after the events of the first book. Stebbins, Pennsylvania’s last surviving residents, including police officer Desdemona Fox and reporter Billy Trout, have holed up in the local school while the military is trying to maintain a quarantine. The survivors are forced to give up the people who have been bitten by the zombies to the military for execution. What the military doesn’t know is that the original host of the disease is still alive and has escaped the quarantine into nearby Bordentown. He purposely attacks a Starbucks because he wants to spread the disease and cause the end of the world. The government is trying to find a cure for the disease but is hitting dead ends at every turn, especially when they find that the creator has killed himself. Things begin to go out of control as the military fails to maintain the quarantine.

Critical Evaluation

The book as a whole is very exciting and tense. Maberry excels in building up the tension and writing the action scenes. He also builds sympathy for both the living characters and even the zombies themselves. His take on zombies has some twists to it that make it different than others in the genre. While the first book was action-packed from start to finish, this book takes a while to truly get the plot going. Maberry spends too much time going over events that were already covered in the first book and has a tendency to focus too much on characters’ inner terror about what is happening around them. As a consequence, the book feels like it’s spinning its wheels in the first half of the book and derails its pacing. However, halfway through the book, it picks up and gains momentum to a level similar to that of Dead of Night. One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is how it ties to Maberry’s other works, primarily the Rot and Ruin series. As a major fan of those books, it was great to see them tied together and gain a better understanding about that series.

Significance of Book

Maberry is an award-winning, bestselling author and is well known for his mastery in the horror, suspense genre. Fall of Night showcases his prestigious skill in the genre with its harrowing, nail-biting scenes.


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Discussion Ideas

  • Discuss the connection with Maberry’s YA series Rot and Ruin
  • Discuss Homer Gibson’s killing philosophy

Justification of Selection

I was interested in this book because I love zombies and apocalyptic stories. I was a huge fan of Maberry’s Rot and Ruin series and Dead of Night, so this book was a must-read for me.